Beautiful couple living in Taiwan Mei and Pavel took us on a little trip around their town and showed us some nice places on the southern part of island. Thank you guys for such a cool experience and hope I will see u again soon.

These kind of videos I named “lovestory video” and I can create one for you too. Just contact me. And see travel schedule so you can save some bucks on travel costs too.

Beautiful photos from this session took my lovely Martina.

Places we visited: Kenting beach, Kenting Baishawan 墾丁白沙灣, Hengchun 恆春鎮, 墾丁海水浴場, 眺石海洋資源保護示範區

Gear I used: Sony A7III + Sony 35mm F1.8 


Mei + Pavel - Taiwna lovestory videographer

Mei + Pavel