I will reveal all the tricks

I will be happy to share my experience and help you move your work to a better level.

I will be your mentor and reveal everything I have learned over the years.

Portfolio review

Show me your 2 videos and I'll send you back a video containing my feedback and I also add a few recommendation on what still needs to be worked on.

I will focus mainly on storytelling, colorgrading, working with sound and creativity.

90 EUR

Consultation 1-on-1 (90 min)

Let's make a videocall and I'll answer all your questions (if I know the answer). We can talk about anything you would like to improve. We often talk about marketing, how to communicate with the customer, where to look for inspiration, what is good to invest in first and how to prevent burnout.

I'll tell you how I treat my customers and what helps me capture authentic emotions.

Available in English or Czech.

190 EUR